Tjuvkik genom pärldraperi på tatuerare som arbetar koncentrerat på StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm.

QUEER TATTOO at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm!

In addition to our ongoing work on exhibiting queer art and offering space for invited queer tattooers, during 2019 and the first half of 2020, we will invite a number of guest artists to tattoo, expose their art and participate in conversations about Queer Tattooing, art and creation of safe and inspiring places. Our aim is to lift tattoo as an art form and give room for queer artists and interested to meet and express their thoughts on art and how we make tattoo/art contexts more inclusive, pleasurable, safe. Soon more information about place and time for the conversations!
The project is supported by Kulturrådet (the Art Council).

+Info and questions about  accessibility / 0046-87556655

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Tatuering i blackwork stil av queer tatuerare Eneo Melboi. Nattfjäril framför fotogenlykta.

Eneo Meibol guest artist at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm! 14-16 februari

Eneo Meibol (Madrid) will be guesting us at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 14-16/2! For more info and to see more of Eneos work, have a look at their Instagram or Facebook. For questions and bookings (English or Spanish, for Swedish

+Info and questions about  accessibility / 0046-87556655

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Tatuering i blackwork gravyrstil av queer tatuerare Mars Hobrecker. En kvinna lyfter upp en annan på en av sina utsträckta armar i cirkusliknande pose.

Mars Hobrecker guest artist at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm! 1-3 april

Mars Hobrecker (New York) will be guesting us at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 1-3/4! See more about Mars and his work at Instagram. For info and bookings write directly to!
Mars Hobrecker participates in our project Queer Tattoo; Conversations about queer tattooing, art and creation of safe and inspiring places. Soon you will have more info on place/time of the conversation.
The project is supported by Kulturrådet (the Art Council).

+Info and questions about  accessibility / 0046-87556655

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Oljemålning av Sandra Österberg. En person med bara bröst och mage halvligger på en bänk i grönska. Den vita huden lyser och ett par tatueringar bryter av det vita. Övre delen av ansiktet täcks av blad och hen ser arg ut.

QUEER KONST/ Sandra Österberg at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm! Vernissage 7/12!

Meet Sandra Österberg and see her art! Vernissage 7/12 at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm at 18-21 hs.
A selection of art from two exhibitions exposed during 2018, BEAUTIFUL SURFACE and BAD IMITATOR.
Sandra Österbergs works fluctuates between large and small perspectives where they end up in the borderland between abstraction and figuration. The visual narratives explore and problematize the themes about corporeality and not too seldom, it includes the female body or a queer/-norm-breaking body/bodies. In the development of the artworks, confidential photos and photos from the mass media, pop culture and the internet are the starting point. Many of the paintings can be perceived as some kind of portraits, but they are not principally portraits based on the classical aspect. They manifests expressions of sexuality, intimacy, mystery, gender, obscurity, and representation where social conventions are questioned and highlighted.
For more information about Sandra Österberg:!
Facebook Event!
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Tatuering på arm, vildrosor i svarta mjuka skuggor.

QUEER TATTOO/ Kai Knowfolly at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 10-12/12!

Kai Knowfolly (Portland, USA) will work with us at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 10-12 of December! Have a look at the Facebook event for available designs! For more information about Kai Knowfolly see Instagram.
Info and bookings!

Facebook event for info and available designs!
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Affisch för utställning av Hanna Gustavsson. Ett troll lutar sig över ett bord fullt med samlarskogsfynd. På ena axeln har hen en ekorre, på andra en mus. Bakgrunden är knallturkos.

QUEER KONST/ Get your Hanna Gustavsson tattoo at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm!

During the dark of November we have extra price for those who want a Disgusting Sleezy and Absolutely Wonderful Hanna Gustavsson tattoo foreverandever on your body!! Come and see the exhibition and get a bit more beautiful and a bit more happy!

Welcome to celebrate the inauguration of Hanna Gustavsson´s expo at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 5/10 18-21 hs! Celsiusgatan 2, Kungsholmen.
”Sleepless in the southern part of Stockholm, night walking with bats, stone trolls and snails.”
A selection of drawings from the past 2 years.
Hanna Gustavsson is a cartoonist and illustrator resident in Högdalen. Working on her third series novel and makes a living as personal assistant.
For more info about Hanna Gustavsson:!
Facebook Event!
+info and information about accessibility / 0046-87556655

Klädhängare med små minifanzines upphängda på en dödskalle i brons. Lesbot heter de röda små fanzinet.

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