As part of our QUEER ART project, we invite queer (LGTBQ+) artists to expose their work at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm. During our first year in Stockholm, we have had the honor of hosting art by Bitte Andersson, Bianco Casco, Stina Barbrosdotter, Jess Dibruja, Rudy Loewe, Hanna Gustavsson.
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Oljemålning av Sandra Österberg. En person med bara bröst och mage halvligger på en bänk i grönska. Den vita huden lyser och ett par tatueringar bryter av det vita. Övre delen av ansiktet täcks av blad och hen ser arg ut.

QUEER ART/ Sandra Österberg at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm! Vernissage 7/12 18-21 hs!

Meet Sandra Österberg and see her art! Vernissage 7/12 at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm at 18-21 hs.
A selection of art from two exhibitions exposed during 2018, BEAUTIFUL SURFACE and BAD IMITATOR.
Sandra Österbergs works fluctuates between large and small perspectives where they end up in the borderland between abstraction and figuration. The visual narratives explore and problematize the themes about corporeality and not too seldom, it includes the female body or a queer/-norm-breaking body/bodies. In the development of the artworks, confidential photos and photos from the mass media, pop culture and the internet are the starting point. Many of the paintings can be perceived as some kind of portraits, but they are not principally portraits based on the classical aspect. They manifests expressions of sexuality, intimacy, mystery, gender, obscurity, and representation where social conventions are questioned and highlighted.
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Affisch för utställning av Hanna Gustavsson. Ett troll lutar sig över ett bord fullt med samlarskogsfynd. På ena axeln har hen en ekorre, på andra en mus. Bakgrunden är knallturkos.

QUEER ART/ Hanna Gustavsson at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm!

Welcome to celebrate the inauguration of Hanna Gustavsson´s expo at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 5/10 18-21 hs! Celsiusgatan 2, Kungsholmen.
”Sleepless in the southern part of Stockholm, night walking with bats, stone trolls and snails.”
A selection of drawings from the past 2 years.
Hanna Gustavsson is a cartoonist and illustrator resident in Högdalen. Working on her third series novel and makes a living as personal assistant.
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Illustration av Rudy Loewe av person med långt svallande svart hår, som en natthimmel, med öppna armar. I natthimlen står det I am the Night Sky.

QUEER ART/ Rudy Loewe at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm! I AM THE NIGHT SKY

Welcome to the inauguration of Rudy Loewe´s expo ”I Am The Night Sky”! Rudy Loewe is a visual artist from London, working in Stockholm. Their work explores themes such as gender, sexuality, race and mental health through storytelling. Welcome to meet Rudy and see their work at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm, Celsiusgatan 2, 27/7 18-21 hs! The expo can be seen until the end of September.
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Illustration av en helt galen glad vildkatt. Runt om texten StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm i en handskriven cyberspace stil.

StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm celebrates our 1st year in Stockholm!

We are celebrating our first year in Stockholm and want to celebrate with you!! One year of more than we could have hoped for, a year of hard work and a lot of fun; of tattoos, queer art, invited tattoo artists.
On 8/6 at 18-21 hs we let out our own demons and open a StaDemonia Art Expo (Soledad Aznar and Sara Swanson)!
Also: Vegan picapica, DJ Dgeral (BOi BOi CLuB) and Queer Video Art by Marit Östberg!

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Tecknad varg med människokropp och sex bröst som hen klämmer mjölk ur. På sidorna grova växter med taggar. Av Jess Dibruja Espinoza.

QUEER ART/ SEWING TATTOO av by Jessica Espinoza DIBRUJA at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm!

Warmly welcomed to the inauguration of SEWING TATTOO by Jessica Espinoza DIBRUJA! Jessica will present her art, and you will also find her guest tattooing 19-23/5!!
SEWING TATTOO is Jessica Espinoza DIBRUJA (Santiago de Chile/Barcelona); Collapses, needles, ink, paper, various pains/pleasures, drawings as textiles, textiles as drawings. Jessica Espinoza DIBRUJA processes themes like mental transitions, mutations, melancholy, varying sexualities through feminist decolonizing lens, narrated by drawings for tattooing. The harvest is from 2011-2018.

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Tavla av Stina Barbrosdotter av Grace Jones i kavaj som tittar på oss med cigarett hängandes ur mungipan.

QUEER ART/ FE.MALE.TOTALE.ANIMALE by Stina Barbrosdotter at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm!

Welcome to the 3rd part of Queer Konst (Queer Art) at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm! On the 8th of March, international women´s day, we inaugurate FE.MALE.TOTALE.ANIMALE -a furious, beautiful, explosive expo by Stina Barbrosdotter. Meet the artist and enjoy her paintings and ceramics!
Stina Barbrosdotter is mom, co-sister and painter. She creates for her own wellbeing, because she needs it to form and process thaughts, ventilate, elaborate, meditate. Without pressure to deliver.
FE.MALE.TOTALE.ANIMALE is a mixture of norm critical thaughts, animals, role models and different kinds of sisterhood; on paintings, prints, pots and cups.
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Röd illustration av en kvinnofigur som håller om två andra personer med texten LESBOT ett lesbiskt kvinnofest av Bianca Casco på bröstet.

QUEER KONST/ LESBOT by Bianca Casco at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm!

Warmly welcomed the opening of the art exhibition and release of Bianca Cascos fanzine LESBOT, as well as reading from a newly translated lesbian manifesto from Latin America!
LESBOT is a lesbian ”seriekvinnofest” (feminist manifest), inspired by the Latin American feminist movement ”Ni una menos” (Not one less). Casco takes on topics such as political lesbianism, self-esteem and lesbian friendship and what lesbianism is and can be.
Bianca Casco (Bianco) is a Swedish-Honduran artist, illustrator and cartoonist from Gothenburg, currently studying norm-critical cartoon illustration in Stockholm.

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Kollage av omslaget till I slutet av regnbågen och Bitte Anderson som ler enormt med knallröda läppar.

QUEEN ART/ Bitte Andersson at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm! At the end of the rainbow

Welcome to the reading from and by Bitte Andersson’s current series novel At the end of the rainbow! In addition, Bitte signs books, exhibition and mingel!

”When 76-year-old Marja’s apartment has to be redirected, she moves to the HBTQ senior housing Plejaderna. The overwhelming Millan welcomes with sherry and soon invites Marja to make friends somewhat against Marjas will.”

At the end of the rainbow is as much a romantic comedy as a series novel about sorrow, love, good neighbors, and daring to return to life after a depression. It is a specific depiction of queer closet life and the importance of finding our context. At the end of the rainbow is fiction, but also contains glimpses of HBTQ history inspired by interviews with elder HBTQ people.

Bitte Andersson is a cartoonist, film director and former bookstore owner. At the end of the rainbow is her debut novel. She has previously directed the lesbian action comedy musical Dyke Hard and started the feminist bookstore Hallongrottan in Hornstull.

Foto: Johanna Arnström
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