Tjuvkik genom pärldraperi på tatuerare som arbetar koncentrerat på StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm.

QUEER TATTOO at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm!

QUEER TATTOO / In addition to our ongoing exhibitions of queer art and reserving space for invited queer tattooers, during 2019 and the first half of 2020 we will work on the project QUEER TATTOO!
We invite a number of international guest artists to tattoo with us at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm, expose their art and participate in conversations about Queer Tattooing, art and the creation of safe and inspiring places. Our aim is to highlight tattooing as art form and give room for queer artists and interested to meet and express their thoughts on art and how we make tattoo/art contexts more inclusive, pleasurable, safe. Look here for updates on guests and public conversations!

+Info and questions about  accessibility / 0046-87556655

With support by Kulturrådet (the Art Council).

Queer Tattooer Mars Hobrecker in his studio Somewhere in New York. Mars is sitting relaxed with light from a window on his face.

Conversation with MARS HOBRECKER, guest tattooer at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 1-3/4!

MARS HOBRECKER, he/him, lives and works in Brooklyn New York

How did you come in contact with tattooing? How did you learn?
I’d always been interested in tattoos when I was younger, and when I started getting tattooed (at 18) it was an incredibly powerful experience. I’d mostly grown up without having a whole lot of say over how I presented myself, and getting tattooed was really the first time I felt I was really taking ownership over my body in a way that I couldn’t be forced to reverse. It was deeply personal, and I wanted to be able to offer that experience to other people. 

I never anticipated this become my full time job – when I started tattooing it had nothing to do with an interest in the industry, or any sort of respect for tradition. I just wanted my friends (who were mostly queer & not necessarily comfortable in a traditional shop environment) to be able to access that same feeling of having autonomy over their bodies, and started tattooing out of my bedroom.

My learning process has obviously been a much longer and more complicated story than just starting out of my house and evolving to owning a shop, but that’s the very highly condensed version of where my interest started! 

Where do you find inspiration for your tattoo art? What makes you happy/curious? Do you work with art in other ways than on skin?
My primary art practice & interest has always been performance based, and I think that still really comes through in the types of work I choose to tattoo. I almost exclusively tattoo images of people; I’m extremely interested in figures, and especially in the infinite ways people are able to touch & hold one another. Capturing that sort of interaction & bond between bodies is something that’s always been extremely compelling to me across all mediums.

For info and bookings with Mars write directly to!
There will be a public conversation with Mars at the Trans Fest Stockholm Culture and Community Festival! The event will be held as an open conversation, so come and listen but above all bring all your thoughts and queries! Moderator Tom O´ Tottenham. Welcome 31/3 at 14.00 hs, at CCAP/C.OFF (Körsbärsvägen 9)

Queer Tattooer Uve the Kid with big rainbowflag behind.

Conversation with UVE THE KID, guest tattooer at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 9+10/5!

UVE THE KID, she/her/they/them, lesbian/queer tattooer from Barcelona, working between my home town and London.

How would you describe your work?
I try to reflect my perspective and vital experiences through a variety of queer and kink imagery expressed in black illustration/graphic work that helps me to identify myself and, at the same time, the other person whom I am working with.

How did you come in contact with tattooing, how did you learn?
I was always intrigued by the craft and tattoo scene but it wasn’t until a few years back that I got into a non traditional apprenticeship in a studio. I have been extremely lucky since then as I never had a bad experience with customers nor fellow tattooers and everyone has appreciated my art as it is.

Where do you find inspiration for your tattoo art? What makes you happy/curious? Do you work with art in other ways than on skin?
As I was mentioning before I like to get my ideas (for tattooing as well as for illustrating) from the LGBTQIA+ community and my own experiences. Breaking the established rules of patriarchal and conservative tattoo scene is what keeps my ball rolling.

Talking about tattoo culture, What changes would you like to see? In what way can we as tattoo artists make a change?
It is crucial to be able to identify/relate with a public figure, to be seen and considered by society. I would like us tattooers to keep taking the craft to its inclusive, countercultural origins and keep helping non-conformist identities to express themselves. We need to create a solid network on media platforms not only to make information/imagery/aesthetics available but also to provide us with the opportunity of creating bonds in real life.

For info and bookings with Uve write directly to!
There will be a public conversation with Uve the Kid togeather with other tattoo artists at the Queer Art Fest Stockholm! Come and listen, but above all bring all your thoughts and queries! Moderator Samuel Girma. Welcome 12/5 at 14.00 hs, at Konsthall C (Cigarrvägen 14, Hökarängen)