Ny tatueringsstation på StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm, stol med lepardöverdrag

We have moved to Hornstull!

From November you find us at Slipgatan 9 by Hornstull! We have bigger space and two new coworkers. Now StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm are Soledad Aznar, Sara Swanson, Alex Cfourpo, León Halldén, Sixten Sandra Östberg and apprentices Liam Castillo Aguilar and Jazz Sargent Aznar.

Accessibility: We have three steps down to the studio with ramp available.
+Info sara@stademonia.com / 0046-87556655

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Oskarp bild på person som dansar i lila ljus med transsymbol ritad i neongrönt bakom och framför.

Drömsyskon Zine #2!

Almost exactly two years ago we celebrated the first issue of Drömsyskon (Dream Siblings) Zine at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm, and even if we can not hug laugh cry sweat togeather we do want to celebrate that the second issue exists with a smaller zoom event!
More info on fb-event!

I will whisper to you before you fall asleep:
do not be afraid
if you need to fall apart a little
I’m here and
when the morning comes we will feel
the sun behind our eyelids
we breathe every other breath and
hold tight to the warmth we have created
they will not get our hearts so easily
do you feel the fire under our skin
we will never forget what love is
we are the ones who create it
I want to be able to translate the whole world for us
give all languages a new heart
write all poems as necessary punches in the chest
you me and our army of dream siblings

Poem by @suedi_alien inspired by @queersagainstfascism

Finally issue 02 of the zine is here!
Dream siblings is a zine by and for trans people of all genders and non-genders, our own histories and experiences and a platform for collective self representation and creativity. We want dream siblings to be a platform and a family, to uplift each other and share our stories. We have each other’s backs and we are holding each other’s hands (for now over the internet).
The zine in physical form is found at StaDemonia, Slipgatan 9 in Stockholm, and you can order it online here: https://dromsyskonzine.bigcartel.com/

To stay in touch with your dream siblings, follow us on Instagram: @dromsyskon_zine ❤

With support from Kulturrådet.


Accessibility: We have three steps down to the studio with ramp available. One step to the WC. 
+Info sara@stademonia.com / 0046-87556655

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Handprintade presentkort för tatuering, en råtta sitter i kaffekopp med natthimmel omkring.

Help StaDemonia in times of Corona!

As you know, these are difficult times for all of us. This summer we celebrated three years with StaDemonia Tattoo in Stockholm -We have in addition to inviting queer tattooers, organized conversations about tattooing and art, also exhibited art by 6-8 queer artists a year and started up Queer Art Fest Stockholm which is organized for the second time next year! It has been so incredibly hard but above all fun and we have so many plans for the future!
We work as long as we ourselves are healthy, only accept healthy customers and follow all safety regulations – but at the moment we are in an uncertain financial situation with less work than we should have. You who think it is important that we remain as a queer creative place and platform for queer tattooers, artists, interested, here is info on how you can help us:

1. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo during the year or the future, you can book and pay a deposit for the tattoo NOW even if you do not want to do it right now due to illness, self-quarantine, etc. We can talk about your idea and send drawing via email – or wait until the opportunity is right for you.

2. Do you want to give a gift to someone? We have great hand-printed gift cards, so you can give away a tattoo and a work of art in one go (you who book for yourself can of course also get a gift card)!

3. You can support us just because you can and want to with a donation (of course also get a gift card to hang on the wall if you want).

4. Tell your loved ones that we exist. We are still building our customer base, a word from someone who knows someone is the absolute best way!

You can send your support / deposit / gift to our Swish 1233527587 with message Backa StaDemonia and then write to sara@stademonia.com if you want a gift card (which can say 0 SEK if you do not want to get a tattoo , but it’s nice to hang on the wall). It is also important to write to sara@stademonia.com if it is a gift to yourself or someone else so that we register the deposit / gift also in our agenda and you can get a receipt for it!

We are grateful for all the help and look forward to realizing all our future tattoo and art projects with you !!

Accessibility: We have three steps down to the studio with ramp available.
+Info sara@stademonia.com / 0046-87556655

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Klädhängare med små minifanzines upphängda på en dödskalle i brons. Lesbot heter de röda små fanzinet.

Would you like to receive information about exhibitions and guest artists? Write to sara@stademonia.com to join the mailing list (about 6-8 letters a year)! You can at any time ask us to remove your information.